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Sheet Music and Guitar

Course Structure

Welcome to our immersive three-year Diploma in Music at Yamani College, an innovative platform operating under a credit-based system, offering a total of 1200 credits per year. Our program weaves together vital areas of music study: Performance, Composition, Music Education, and Music Technology, setting us apart from conventional institutions.

Diploma Course Structure at
Yamani College of Music and Examinations

Music Production

Year 1
Foundation of Excellence and Advancement

The first year is a transformative journey, dedicated to cultivating a robust foundation for our students. This vital phase is split into two stages: Fundamental and Advanced, each designed with a balance of Theoretical and Practical components to inspire a deep appreciation for the complexity and richness of music.

Semsemter - 01

Fundamental Stage

Theoretical (MusicaMaths or Musicatics International Grade 1-5 and Pre-Foundation)

Embark on a thrilling exploration of music theory during the Theoretical component of the Fundamental stage, delivered via our pioneering MusicaMaths or Musicatics International system, spanning Grades 1 to 5 and Pre-Foundation This groundbreaking approach integrates mathematical principles with music theory, fostering a unique understanding of rhythm, melody, and harmony that transcends traditional teaching methods.

Practical (Debut 1 & 2 for Piano and Keyboard)

Experience the power of hands-on learning during the Practical segment of the Fundamental stage. You will begin your intimate journey with the piano and keyboard, focusing on Debut 1 & 2, where you will master the core fundamentals, including proper posture, hand positioning, basic techniques, and initial pieces.

Semsemter - 02

Advanced Stage

Theoretical (MusicaMaths or Musicatics International Grade 6-10)

Graduate to a more sophisticated understanding of music theory during the Theoretical component of the Advanced stage, spanning Grades 6 to 10 of the MusicaMaths or Musicatics International system. Delve into more intricate facets of music theory, synchronizing with mathematical principles, and transcending the borders of conventional music education.

Practical (Grade 1 and 2 for Piano and Keyboard)

Expand your hands-on experience with the piano and keyboard in the Practical component of the Advanced stage, progressing to Grade 1 and 2. Explore complex techniques and a more diverse repertoire of pieces, pushing your boundaries, and growing as a musician

At Yamani College, the end of the first year is just the beginning of your inspiring musical journey. Our students acquire a robust understanding of music theory and develop a strong foundation in piano and keyboard performance, setting them on a path to success in the world of music. In subsequent years, they deepen their expertise, refine their skills, and have countless opportunities for specialization in their chosen areas.

We invite you to join Yamani College, where you'll not only learn from the best but also become the best. Enroll now, and let's make beautiful music together.

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