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Piano Lesson

Practical Grade Examination

We are committed to nurturing the musical talents of the students through comprehensive and structured examinations for three key instruments


The Electronic Keyboard, Piano, and Guitar. The examinations are recognized internationally, providing the students with a globally accepted certification of their musical skills and knowledge.

Practical Grade Examinations

Each of these instruments holds a unique place in the world of music, offering different ways to express your creativity and passion.

At Yamani College, we are committed to helping you discover the joy of music through our comprehensive and internationally recognized practical grade examinations. Join us on this musical journey and unlock your potential as a musician.

Examination Structures

Our examinations are meticulously structured into two debut levels (Debut 1 and Debut 2) and eight grade levels (Grade 1 to Grade 8). Each level is designed to progressively challenge and inspire students, fostering the improvement of their musical abilities and deepening their understanding of their chosen instrument.

It's important to note that the examinations are designed to be taken sequentially, starting from the debut level and advancing one grade at a time. This progression ensures a solid foundation and a comprehensive understanding of the instrument. As such, students are not permitted to skip grades under any circumstances. This approach guarantees a thorough and well-rounded musical education, allowing students to fully develop their skills and musical knowledge. Moreover, this systematic progression equips students to compete effectively in the present scenario of musical careers, preparing them for a variety of opportunities in the music industry.

Standard Examination

Format: Live – Online / Offline

Section 1: Performance of 5 Exam Pieces (100 Marks)

Section 2: Technical Work, Exercises and Discussion (50 Marks)

Recital Examination

Format: Recorded

Section 1: Performance of 7 Exam Pieces (140 Marks)

Section 2: Presentation (10 Marks)


Evaluation Criteria for Standard and Recital Examinations

Fail: 69.9% and Below

Pass: 70% to 79.9%

Merit: 80% to 89.9%

Distinction: 90% to 100%


Performance Certification Award

Requirement: Performance of 15 pieces from the official examination book

Eligibility: Must pass either the Standard Examination or Recital Examination

Registration: Free for those who qualify through the Standard or Recital Examination


Evaluation Criteria for Performance Certification Award

Each performance is meticulously evaluated by a panel of accomplished musicians and examiners. The assessment primarily categorizes performances as Approved or Unapproved, taking into account factors such as technical precision, musicality, stage presence, and overall artistry.


Upon approval, performances are further stratified based on the quality and proficiency demonstrated. The categories are as follows:

  • Satisfactory: This rating is given when the performance meets the basic requirements and demonstrates an understanding of the musical pieces.

  • Proficient: This rating is awarded when the performance shows a good level of technical skill and musical understanding, going beyond the basic requirements.

  • Outstanding: This top rating is reserved for performances that are exceptional, demonstrating a high level of technical precision, musicality, stage presence, and overall artistry.


This comprehensive evaluation structure ensures fair and thorough standards of each student's musical capabilities.

Application Requirements

To apply for our examinations, students must meet the following requirements:

1. Student Unique Number:

Each student must have a unique student number from either MusicaMaths or Musicatics. This number serves as a unique identifier for each student and is used to track their progress and examination results. If you do not have a student's unique number, please contact your Music Teacher or Contact Yamani College of Music and Examinations.

2. Minimum Certification:

Students must have achieved a minimum of a Grade 2 Certification from either MusicaMaths or Musicatics. This ensures that all students have a basic level of musical knowledge and skills before they apply for our examinations. If you have not yet achieved a Grade 2 Certification, we encourage you to continue your studies and apply for our examinations once you have reached this level.

3. Registration through a Teacher:

All students must register for the examination through their teacher. The teacher will use both their unique teacher number and the student's unique student number to complete the registration process. This ensures that the teacher can track the student's progress and provide appropriate support and guidance. If you do not have a teacher, please contact us, and we will assist you in finding a suitable teacher.

Please note that all these requirements must be met before a student can apply for our examinations. If you have any questions or need further assistance with the application process, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help you on your musical journey.

Practical Grade Examination - Terms and Conditions

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